A devastating 100-year celebration carried out by a sick Turkey.

The just ongoing and hopefully now ended war between Azerbaijan and Armenia, with Nagorno-Karabakh, with its Armenian population trapped between these states, brings 100-year-old memories to life.

Turkey, which was then described as “Europe’s sick man”, then stood as now in the center of the region’s unrest. Because Turkey has apparently had a hard time recovering in the years that have passed, the country is still in focus of the interest of the outside world.

So what then was it that happened just over 100 years ago and what was it that apparently was intended to be repeated this year?
The answer is that The Armenian Holocaust became a shocking reality when about 1.5 million people, men, women and children, lost their lives during bestial conditions. Armenia is considered a Christian country, and the initiative was based on the Muslim Turkey, which however, with the stubbornness of a donkey, has denied that it was a genocide.
Another word for genocide is Holocaust. A large number of countries have confirmed that a genocide really took place, but not Sweden, which persists in its role as Holocaust denier.
The genocide, however, was only to a small extent a religious war since power over the oil wells in Azerbaijan were more important than true faith.

In defense of Turkey however, it should be pointed out that the country during the current time was under the total influence of a foreign group, that through a coup in 1908 had taken power in Turkey calling themselves “The Young Turks”,
“The Young Turks” were a small homogeneous group consisting of, Djavid Bey, Messim Russo, Emanuel Qrasow Vladimir Zeev Jabotinsky, Alexander Helphand and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk – all of them were Jews, and the group had been organized and funded by the Rothschilds.

It was this group that, with total control over the Turkish troops, carried out the genocide of Christian Armenia and then, in 1918, retired after they had fulfilled their mission.
According to Professor Israel W. Charny, former head of  “The Institute on the Holocaust and Genocide in Jerusalem”,
The Israeli authorities have, regardless of the government in power, prevented his team from investigating the circumstances surrounding the Armenian Holocaust”. This fact speaks for itself.
It is hard to disregard that the Young Turks’ time in power was permeated by Jewish power. In May 20, 1910, the British Ambassador of Turkey, Sir Gerald Lowther, wrote in a letter to Sir Charles Harding the following, “Shortly after the
revolution in July 1908, it soon became known that many of the Young Turk´s leading members were Freemasons. It was noticed that Jews of all colors, native and foreign, were enthusiastic supporters of the new dispensation, as many Turks expressed it. Every Hebrew person becomes a potential spy for the Young Turks. Turks began to remark that the movement was rather a Jewish than a Turkish revolution”.

We are talking about a 100-year celebration. The question then is whether there are similarities between the genocide that occurred then and attempts at a new genocide in our days. Such similarities exist, but first a difference.
We do not know much about lobbying 100 years ago, but we know that the role of the mass media then was very modest.
Now the conditions are completely different and when the oil-rich Azerbaijan last year wanted to explain to the outside world that it was necessary to fight the evil Armenia, they spent about 1.3 million $ to bribe journalists on news agencies such as, The Hill, Washington Times, Daily Caller, National Review and Washington Post. It is not surprising that you can buy mainstream news people, they are obviously often for sale.
In regard to the similarities between the 1917 Holocaust massacre of a civilian disarmed Armenian people, and this year’s new effort on senseless violence from Azerbaijan side, then it was a Jewish “elite group” that used Turkey to achieve political goals, ultimately set by the French Rotschild House.
This year it is goals set by President Erdogan – goals that require support from Israel.
Turkey has then lined up 1,500 militant Islamists from the Idlib region with sultan Murad´s division in the lead. These should support Azerbaijan’s aggressions.

Similarly, Israel has supplied state of the art weapons to Azerbaijan. Both on September 24 and 30, heavy military transport planes delivered munitions from Israeli Ovda Airport to Baku, and they were not the first deliveries. At the same time, Israeli military advisers are now active in Azerbaijan to instruct how to use these weapons to accomplish the greatest devastation. Turkey is officially a NATO country, while Israel can be designated as an unofficial member of the same organization.
With close relations with Brussels and joint military exercises with NATO units, the relationship between NATO and Israel has thus been revealed.

The Armenian Holocaust is, of course, important to note. Not least because it is the first of six annihilations that took place in the Western world during the 20th century, and it is a Jewish representation of how a genocide can be carried out
according to them. But of course it should not again be brought to life in the demonic way Turkey has now directed.

At the same time as the Armenian genocide, the Englishman Mark Sykes and the Frenchman Francois Picot was working on a division of the Middle East into a French part, where even Russia would get a piece of the pie, and that part became Armenia.

The division became public in Nov. 1917. Syria then became the core country in it the French part, while Palestine became the English trophy of the southern part.

It should be noted here that Syke’s chief was the English Foreign Secretary, Sir Edvard Gray and Picot´t were the French Foreign Minister Theophile Delcasse, both belonging to the Zionist-dominated London-based “Milners Group”, which consisted of both Jewish and Christian Zionists. The group had for many years worked to make World War 1 a reality. At the same time as the  Sykes-Picot agreement was announced, the terrorist-stamped Balfour Declaration was also announced.

Mankind’s happiness in recent years, however, is that we always have Russia that can intervene and take peace-building measures. This has also happened time in the Caucasus.

Jan Westh
Translation – Per Johansson

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