Enslavement and slave trade with Jewish – Arabic imprints


This is being written and published because of the discussion these days regarding the history of slavery, the relation between blacks and whites in a historic light as well as the role of racism in this.

Slavery has thousands of years of history and already when the Roman armies advanced and ravaged, there were Jews that followed. They bought prisoners of wars and sold them as slaves.

Later the Jews got competition from the Arabs in the beginning of the 9th century. A slave trade that later grew and one estimates that around 18 million Africans were transported via Sahara and the Indian Ocean between 1650 and 1905.

At the end of the 15th century, Europeans started to buy slaves on the West Coast of Africa. It was African slaves that native African Slave Hunters had captured and now were to be exchanged for money.

Up until 1867, between seven and ten million slaves had been shipped to America. Inofficially it is likely that it was many more.

Conspiracy-Media per default blames white Europeans to have been the driving force in this Trans-Atlanic slave trade. It can then be important to see what Jewish authors write about the real actors. Nordfront that doesn’t like Slave Traders has collected some Quotes:

They (the Jews) were the biggest traders in the whole Caribbean where shipping first of all was a Jewish enterprise. The ships were not only owned by Jews, but they were also manned by Jews and stood under the command of Jewish captains.” Seymour B. Liebman in the book New World Jewry, 1493-1825

Jewish merchants played an important role in the slave trade. In fact Jewish merchants mostly dominated the American colonies, no matter if they were French, British or German.”

C. Vilhelm Jacobowsky in the book Göteborgs mosaiska församling 1780-1955 about how the Jew Simon Abraham ruled over the companies that ran the Swedish slave trade.

This was not less true on the North American mainland where Jews took part in the triangle trade during the 18th century that took slaves from Africa to the West Indies to exchange them there against molasses amongst other things, which in turn was taken to New England to be turned into rum that was sold in Africa.”

Marc Raphael, Jews and Judaism in the United States.

The buyers at the actions were almost always Jews and because of the lack of competition they could buy the slaves to a low price. If such an auction happened to fall on a Jewish holiday, it had to be moved to another date.”

Arnold Wiznitzer in the book Jews in Colonial Brazil.

Marc Lee Raphael also mentions some of the Jews that were very big in the slave trade.

Among them Isaac da Costa in Charleston, David Frank in Philadelphia and Aaron Lopez in Newport. All active in the second half of the 18th Century.

It is of course very valuable to hear from the Jews themselves that they don’t distance themselves from their dominant role in the slave trade but more point it out to their Jewish readers. Obviously the Trans-Atlantic slave trade was run by black Africans that fetched slaves from the African inland and the rest of the business up to the end customer was run by Jews. The involvement of white Europeans was minimal.

If we then move on to the 20th century, we find a century in which slave trade is completely forbidden but where the treatment of people anyway takes place under slave-like circumstances. The situation has many times been more bestial than under the Trans-Atlantic trade. In that trade the slave had an economic value that must be protected. However, especially during the Sovietic Gulag period, the enslaved Russian peasants were more seen as an economic burden which one wanted to be relieved of. It was about 25 million people that were taken far away to work under dreadful conditions in darkness and bitter cold in Sibiria until death came as the liberator.

The Russian-American Jewish researcher and professor Yuri Slezkine has in his price-winning book ”The Jewish Century” carefully documented the enormous Sovietic genocide, the Gulag.

He precisely points out the executioners that turn out to be 80-90% Jews. Those he calls ”Stalin’s Willing Executioners”.

To point out earlier times Slave Traders and Slave Holders as white racists has no ground. A serious investigating shows clearly that Jews and Arabs with African support, during different periods are the ones that fall headlong in front of that criticism. On the other hand one can mention that the initiative to ban slavery under the 19th century didn’t come from the Jewish or Arabic side.

Slave trade in modern time

According to the Global Slavery Index in 2018, 136’000 people are belived to live under slave-like circumstances in Great Britain alone. Work on concealed Cannabis cultivations is common besides work for different criminal groups.

In Africa it is estimated that 9.2 million people live as slaves as forced labour or as sexslaves. This according to the Global Slavery Index. So there is much to do for the BLM movement, if they would want to be serious.

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