Russian Comment on the Kosovo Specialist Chambers activities

Hashim Thaci and Kadri Veseli

The fact that the Kosovo Specialist Chambers Specialist Prosecutor’s Office have stepped up their probe into Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) crimes on indictments against former leaders of this heinous entity has come to our attention. The defendants include “President” Hashim Thaci and former “Speaker of the Parliament” Kadri Veseli

It is critically important to bring those guilty of committing serious crimes, identified in due time by PACE Rapporteur Dick Marty, before the court to hold them accountable before the law. In this sense, there must be no untouchable people.

The impressive “status” of the accused is remarkable. It turns out that for many years there have been people at the head of the Kosovo quasi-state, with respect to whom strong evidence has been gathered tying them to illegal activities in Kosovo, including organised crime and terrorism. Unfortunately, Pristina’s Western patrons turned a blind eye to this part of their underlings’ biographies.

It is becoming clear to the wider Western public who NATO was helping when it bombed sovereign Yugoslavia in 1999.

Kosovo has long since become a hotbed of extremism and crime even as a neighbor of the EU. The arrest of two Kosovo “citizens” whom the Austrian police suspect of involvement in recent terrorist attacks in Vienna provides additional evidence of this.

We hope that the West will finally heed the warnings about the true nature of Kosovo’s “statehood” and stop blindly supporting those who are determined to do anything for the sake of their self-serving political goals.

Source ;Voltaire network

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