The IS terrorists – whose servants are they really?


The IS convoys were able to move freely in Syria and Iraq before Russia struck in the autumn of 2015.

A horrific terrorist attack has recently been carried out near Kabul Airport, and several have been averted. IS is designated as responsible. There is nothing surprising about this. Terrorism aimed primarily at civilian innocents has become an IS sign. Then one can ask who really controls that organization and what is its goal – for their seemingly unplanned terrorism.

In 2013, IS began to emerge in Syria. The name changed here and there, but as an organization it came to be developed under the name IS. In Syria, a proxy war had been going on since 2011. By proxy is meant that the war was initiated and fuel was supplied from outside, in this case from a Western alliance with the USA / Israel at the helm. The fuel then consisted of weapons and capital-thirsty bandits. These bandits from different countries then became part of a base in IS. As early as 2013, the UN agency UNDOF was able to document increasing contacts between the Israeli military and IS and Al-Qaeda over the Golan Heights.

Until mid-2015, the IS forces were very successful in their war effort and conquered a large part of Syria. The United States said it wanted to fight IS, but in fact developed a lazy and submissive pattern toward IS, while the active part of the relationship consisted of substantial but secret military support for the terrorist movement.

The turning point did not come until the autumn of 2015, when Russia intervened resolutely and almost crushed the IS, which in effect were Israel’s servants. Prior to that, Obama had obtained $ 300 million in financial support from IS in Washington to be channeled through the Nusra Front. But that was clearly not enough to lead IS to victory. Throughout this time, Israel supported IS in various ways, as a well-done report in the Daily Mail shows.

The world-famous journalist F. William Engdahl, could in “New Eastern Outlook” 2015-11-15, tell:”In December 2014 the Jerusalem Post in Israel reported the findings of a largely ignored and politically explosive report detailing UN sightings of Israeli military together with Isis (IS) terrorist combatants. And the UN peacekeeping force, UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), stationed since 1974 along the Golan Heights border between Syria and Israel, revealed that Israel had been working closely with Syrian opposition terrorists, including al-Qaeda’s Al Nusra Front and IS in the Golan Heights and kept close contact over the past eighteen months. The report was submitted to the US Security Council. But mainstream media in the US and West buried the explosive findings. ”
And further: “The UN documents showed that the Israel Defense Force (IDF), were maintaining regular contacts with members of the so-called Islamic State since May 2013.”

On June 20, 2016, when IS at that time had almost been wiped out by the Russian attacks, Israel’s security chief, Herzi Halevy, appeared at a security conference and clarified: “We do not want IS defeat in Syria.” (AMN News, 20/6 2016). For Israel, it has since been a rock-solid goal to keep IS under its arms.

What, then, is IS´’s general goal? They describe themselves as an Islamist struggle organization with the goal of creating a global, fundamentalist Islamist state. This would apparently happen through terror against the guilty and the innocent, the dismantling of the culture and knowledge society that dominates the western world. Is this credible? Hardly. One does not build a global society through terror.

Rather, it is the organization that consciously or unconsciously goes about someone’s business by creating chaos. As I have clearly shown, this is someone, Israel, who has never been under a chair with his intentions. As early as 1982, a plan was presented for how the neighboring countries would be destroyed. Divide and chaos is the foundation that a strong military power wants as a work area. On the other hand, you want to avoid an equal opponent.

IS has worked in i.a. Afghanistan for many years so that the lives of as many people as possible will be hellish at the top. By bombing marketplaces and weddings, they have been inspired to move on – and will do so. It is quite certain that the Taliban community would have looked different if they had not had IS on their toes. NATO’s commitment would not have had to be so fatal then either.

Here I have tried to draw a picture of one of the most prominent terrorist organizations that Israel / USA has created. In a future article, I would like to describe another demonic organization, with the same creator, which in the 1980s came to exercise enormous political influence.

Hans Myrebro

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