Where the hell did the doorman go?


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A tragic drama takes place on the border between Belarus and Poland. A few thousand migrants from the Middle East are stuck between armed groups on both sides. These refugees have arrived there with the help of Belarusian authorities, who have shown them the possibility of being able to cross the border into the EU to seek asylum. But at the border, they have only found a completely closed door.

The situation is strikingly similar to the drama of 2015 when 1.5 million refugees from virtually the same countries entered the EU. But then the conditions were still radically different. Then the door was open. Israeli Haaretz could jubilantly exclaim on the front page that: “Now we have opened the door”. Thus, the door to Europe succeeded in opening up to refugees from countries that had been vigorously demolished, fragmented, and destroyed with the help of states belonging to the “defense organization NATO”. They did the hard work and then got the organization IS / ISIS cherished by Israel, continue with the finesse including sabotage, the slaughter of people, etc. They had a lot to do and are still working on trying to destroy, among other things. Afghanistan. According to the Israeli authorities, this IS must not be destroyed.

But what about the door to Europe, and who gave Israel the job of a doorman? Yes, of course, the magnet Georg Soros. With the weight he had behind him, he wanted to force Europe to receive at least 1 million refugees each year. It would make it easier for Israel to realize its old plans for a Greater Israel cleansed of Semites, (Arabs). Politicians such as Merkel’s mother in Germany and uncle Lövén in Sweden headed the welcome committee.

But where is this Soros now – would he not be here as the human friend he claims to be, to help a few thousand refugees by reopening the door to Europe?

The difference between the refugee drama in 2015 and the one that now prevails in Belarus-Poland, is that the latter is shaped by Belarus as a party, and Belarus is, as is well known, on the US / NATO extermination list, (Rand-Cooperation; How to destroy Russia). According to them, Belarus must be cleared out of the way to create a better strategic position in the face of an attack on Russia. Therefore, every initiative from the Belarusian side must be mocked and painted black.

After the US-led coup in Ukraine in 2014, Carl Gershman, head of the neoconservative NED, which works with subversive activities in various countries, was able to describe Ukraine on September 26 of the same year as; “The biggest trophy, and an important step on the way to overthrowing Putin.” It is not difficult to calculate that Belarus was supposed to be the next trophy. Therefore, NED has for several years worked underground in Belarus, thereby preventing democracy from operating freely.

As long as NATO has existed, there have been advanced plans from that side to completely eradicate Russia. As is well known, an extensive experiment was made during the 1990s. Now, as a step on that roadmap, they have managed to lock Belarus in a refugee trap to gain points in front of the public. Human life, on the other hand, is of less interest to those in power in Brussels. Had it been different, it would have been noticed when million after million have been injured and killed in wars and interventions where NATO has been the driving force, but where NATO’s sister EU, has also been involved. However, following NATO’s destruction of Libya by morbid state terrorism, NATO has completely forfeited the right to use the word, Human Rights.

Many of those who went to Belarus have fled countries where Israel is still terrorizing civilians and where the NATO country the United States is stealing oil wealth, which the poor Semites so desperately need. About eight million people have fled Ukraine since the US-led coup. There should be room for several refugees. In that case, it is a matter for Washington, which now remotely controls Nazi-occupied Ukraine.

Hans Myrebro


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