Putin on sick leave in Geneva


Picture by: Ed Wexler.

Time to sum up the great political event that recently took place in Geneva on 16th June. There, as is well known, Russian President Vladimir Putin met US President Joe Biden.

The younger Putin showed great patience and understanding with the older man who obviously had problems with his mental health. Among other things, Sky News has shown a video from England where a confused Biden had a hard time finding the door to the conference hall and ended up in a café, where unbrushed Englishmen gape at him while his wife takes his hand and leads him right. This is just an example that points in a dramatic direction (dementia?) and which led the staff around Biden to ban him from holding a press conference with Putin.

Psychopathy, unlike Putin, Biden has a massive history of vicious sudden death caused by his imperialist policies. As Obama’s vice president, he was actively involved in starting the war against Syria, which was certainly not a civil war but a satanic act in accordance with the Israeli Yinon plan, with the intention of completely destroying Syria.

With the will to kill and destroy, in the same year 2011, Biden had the opportunity to excel, when a decision had been made in Washington that the African model country Libya would be crushed. This was done better here than in Syria, and the country is still in deadly chaos and is living proof of NATO’s destructive capabilities.

(Psychopathy is a morbid mental condition that makes the sufferer unable to understand other people’s suffering, as well as a total lack of guilt for crimes committed). Compare Joe Biden’s behavior here.

But Biden’s exploits do not end here. Before the coup in Ukraine in 2014, he was on hand in Kyiv to ensure that the democratically elected president, Yanukovych, was overthrown and succeeded by the right-wing extremist warlord Yatsenyuk. This was the beginning of the civil war in which Russian freedom fighters in the eastern parts of Ukraine are defending themselves against Nazi-dominated violence groups and a US-backed army.

There have been persistent attempts by the mainstream to nail down Vladimir Putin and Russia in similar aggressions and war ventures. Russian aggression has therefore been talked about time and time again, and it can be done. But when you ask these people or organizations to develop and clarify their accusations, you get no answer. No wonder – the accusations against Russia are emotionally based, based on hatred, and therefore exclude fact-based reasoning. I myself have contacted information centers for NATO and for the EU and asked for complete information regarding Russian aggression in the cases of Georgia, Ukraine and Crimea. I have never received an answer.

On the way to the meeting in Geneva, Biden managed to stop in Brussels to provoke the NATO meeting against Russia and China.

The NATO summit began by turning political reality upside down and categorically saying no to negotiations with the powers that be constantly branded as threatening. (Also a psychotic move). It was apparently considered that top-level reasoning must be based on conspiracies, and that does not fit in with negotiations.

The summit opened a new chapter in the history of the Alliance, based on the “NATO 2030” agenda. The “transatlantic link” between the United States and Europe is strengthened at all levels – politics, military, economy, technology, space, etc. With a strategy that spans the entire world from North and South America, from Asia to Africa. In this context, the United States will soon distribute new nuclear bombs and new medium-sized nuclear missiles in Europe to Russia and in Asia to China. Hence the decision of the summit to further increase military spending. The United States, whose spending accounts for almost 70% of the total spending of the 30 NATO states, is now pushing European countries to increase their own costs.

At the same time, the role of the North Atlantic Council is strengthened. It is the alliance’s political body that does not make majority decisions, but always, “unanimously and by mutual agreement” according to NATO rules, that is, in accordance with what is decided in Washington. The enhanced role of the North Atlantic Council will further weaken European parliaments. ” Manilo Dinucci, Global Research 15/6 2021.

NATO is thus diluting the European countries of democratic viability and underpinning an authoritarian Washington-based government. Thus more and more effective weapons within the alliance and less of democracy. And everything is then built on a gigantic conspiracy theory about the dangers of designated countries.

The conclusion is that it is apparently not only President Joe Biden who should henceforth be under constant medical supervision but also the gigantic murder apparatus that NATO constitutes. Healthy peace and disarmament organizations have a gigantic job to do here.

Hans Myrebro

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