Why was it important for Biden to start the war in Ukraine?


Nazi Azov marches, source Newsvoice

Joe Biden was Vice President of the Obama administration, where John Kerry was Secretary of State in 2014. They worked in the same direction for Russia, but Biden was the driving force behind a coup in Ukraine. Therefore, he willingly stood up when it began to converge on Maidan Square in Kyiv. He ran around there together with i.a. John McCain and handed out sweets to the paid right-wing extremists who were responsible for the violence. For many years, these had been raised and brainwashed, mainly by the United States. Named Nazis from the Hitler era were seen as role models.

Viktoria Nuland, the US European Commissioner, was able to tell in connection with the coup that took place in Kyiv, February 2014, that Washington had spent $ 5 billion in Ukraine since 1991 on “democracy-promoting measures”, in fact it was a question of the majority of the support went to subversive activities through so-called “Front Groups”, which worked with the Nazi leader Svoboda from the Hitler era, as an example.

The guiding star then became a burning hatred of Russians and anyone who was not considered genuinely Germanic. These were referred to as the “subhuman”. The state was a democratic but oligarchic system where economic development was non-existent and where power did not lie with the politicians but with rich oligarchs – there was still a fighting democracy. That democracy was foreshadowed and overthrown by the Washington gang of which Viktoria Nuland was a part. Then Uusimaa, as an American politician, could appoint a person from the far right, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, as prime minister, in one of Russia’s fraternal countries, Ukraine. More clearly than that, one can hardly chart the path to war.

But the economic and moral support provided by the United States never went to combat undemocratic oligarchs, but to inflate Nazi-style racist sentiments against the Russian people and other minorities, often referred to as “subhumans” and clearly considered different from the Germanic race. . This form of mental decay was found mainly in the western parts of the country.

Already from the formation of Ukraine, the United States was thus working to sow a dragon seed of ignorance and genuine hatred, which after the coup came to spread to the east with the help of, among others. a the Nazi Azov battalion against the Russian border. That is, against a country that during World War II experienced how more than 20 million of its citizens were slaughtered by the Nazis. Can one imagine a more op-psychological and satanic strategy.

It is really pathetic that the Ukrainian soldiers do not realize that they are not fighting for their homeland, but are fighting for Uncle Sam to retain power over Ukraine. It was there, on February 24, 2014, that Ukraine lost its independence and became a US vassal state. And why does Uncle Sam, Biden, want to retain the power over Ukraine that was gained through a coup 8 years ago. Well, he can then use the country as a bat in his goal to fragment, destabilize Russia.

Carl Gershman, head of the US NED, which with enormous US support is working to overthrow and destroy various regimes, was able to describe Ukraine on September 26, 2014, as “the biggest trophy, and an important step on the way to overthrow Putin.” There you have it, that’s where it sat. And there you got the question answered; Why it was important for Biden to start the war in Ukraine! And the presidents who have been in power since 2014 have all been Uncle Sam’s lap dogs.

The war in Ukraine began eight years ago. And as soon as the coup was carried out and a government with several Nazis as ministers in important positions could then release para-military groups against an almost unarmed Russian minority in the eastern parts of the country. This is where the hell that the United States worked for many years to realize began. That the United States thereby causes hell for more than 40 million people is seen as insignificant. The United States has never taken responsibility for a Holocaust machine that has often had to work at full speed.

When we look for clear causes of the war in Ukraine, we can absolutely not ignore the demonic role played by the Western mainstream. That institution has long since played its role as an objective informant and has instead devoted itself to an insatiable war hysteria and pointers to the power or state that should be eliminated next. In the end, you reach your goal and the public understands who is the next man to be hanged, in this case Putin.

Then you can beat your chest complacently and stubbornly. Remember that Franklin Roosevelt needed two extra years of extreme media hate rhetoric to make the American people understand that a war against Hitler was absolutely necessary. His allies in Europe gladly took on the job of coping with the first phase. Without a mass media war agenda, the cannons will be unemployed.

Then there was the money thing. The United States is the only country that earns multi on this European war, which they eventually managed to bring about.

Hans Myrebro
Feel free to read more in my book: NATO-ett Monster på Katastrofkurs. 

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